The Death and Rebirth of the Mighty Bucephalus

Adventure riding, in our case, starts with acquiring and preparing the machines. This process is as essential as preparing ourselves, and we find it to be – usually – as much fun as actually traveling in itself. Upgrading and maintaining the machines – even if it means not riding for weeks on end – can […]

Lockhart Basin

Story coming soon! It’s a lot to write, please check back soon! Here’s a Lockhart Basin double rainbow to thank you for your patience 🙂  

Southwest US Trip

We loaded up PhiPhi and Bu and left Oakland for a month on a backcountry-heavy tour of the American Southwest. What we’d both seen of this dry corner of our country had thoroughly wetted our appetites for more, and we were excited to pack in as many remote trails and natural/historic landmarks as we could […]

Fabricating our Pannier System

Once we selected Mosko luggage, we needed racks to match. One thing we love about the Backcountry Pannier system is their attachment system is not only super straight forward and durable, but also highly adjustable, so it will fit almost any pannier rack out there. Chelsea and I had been scouring the web analyzing all […]

Breakin’ Bones and Bustin’ Bikes!

Chelsea’s Story No matter how much you think you know about motorcycling, no amount of skill can save you from the dangers of half asleep, texting, Bay Area commuters. Thankfully, none of our accidents involved anyone in those categories or it would be very likely that neither of us would be here right now. We […]

The Road to Mosko Moto

The question of what moto luggage to use is not often an easy one to answer. But it shouldn’t be! Because Mosko Moto exists! Just kidding, sort of. But I do understand that many of you out there may be asking yourselves the same questions we asked ourselves almost a year ago and I am […]

How The Bird Earned Her Name

A Phoenix is a bird known across cultures and throughout time as a symbol of immortality, it dies and is continuously reborn. This process is more commonly expressed as “rising from the ashes”, since when the bird dies it is in a show of flames and combustion. I picked this name the first week I […]